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onshore winds. that will set the stage for a cooler day around the bay. still 30s up in the north bay. 37 in santa rosa with a quarter mile visibility. 50s downtown and fog in mountain view and san jose but the rest of the day, upper 50s about the onshore flow at the coast. a little breezy to the mid-60s inland. another nice afternoon, tonight and more clouds and fog and tomorrow, we are talking ten degrees cooler than today. rain is going to hold off for most of the day and cold and wet tuesday and chilly week ahead. two people are in the hospital. one in very serious condition after their speedboat collided with a golden gate ferry. our reporter joins us live from marin general hospital with the latest the have. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're told the two victims are still here being treated at
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marin general. the cause of the crash that frightening and dramatic collision remains under investigation. take a look at the sky7hd video. we were overhead shortly after the crash. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the windshield was shatd ordered the speedboat. the front part caved in showing the force of the impact. a small boat against a big ferry. coastguard says the bay was calm as the golden gate ferry was on its way back to the city. a spokesperson says the smaller boat was traveling at a high rate of speed when it hit the ferry. none of the 3500 people were hurt. coastguard and medical choppers responded to the tiburon waterfront where two witnesses told abc7 news what they saw. >> are they are in the water or what happened. we came closer and we saw two people lying there.
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>> they were doing cpr on one guy and they continued to do cpr and it didn't look good for him. other guy, he had blood on his face. >> reporter: the coastguard interviewed witnesses to help em determine exactly what happened but anyone else who may have seen the crash is asked to contact the coastguard today. ferry captain was drug tested that is the protocol on these ties of investigations. meanwhile, the golden gate ferry service returning to the regular scheduled to. >> carolyn: new this morning, two san francisco police officers were injured early this morning, trying to break up a number of fights at north beach. it happened on broadway street near columbus. the officer suffered minor injuries and was treated at a
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local hospital. two people have been arrested for assaulting them. officers doused some of those fighting with pepper spray to try to get them in control. this morning a 72-year-old woman has died after injuries received after being hit by a muni bus in daly city. it happened yesterday afternoon. it involved a number 18-45th avenue bus. woman was hit in the crosswalk. family members say the woman died after taking to the hospital. muni driver will go under standard alcohol and drug testing. >> they are investigating a shooting near a bart station. sky7hd was overhead as they responded to gunfire near peralta avenue. they found a man with a gunshot wound to the head. homicide investigators blocked
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off access to the intersection right of a after shooting. bart service was not affected. >> a toll lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge will stay closed for most of today. it's all part of the ongoing installation of the new automated toll collection system. the lane is scheduled to reopen tomorrow tomorrow's commute. the current system is 15 years old and it needs to be replaced. there are no plans to remove all the tolltakers from the state run bridge. >> about 5,000 people are expected to converge in san francisco today to demand a halt to a proposed oil pipeline. the key phone pipeline would extend from alberta canada to the gulf coast. it's one of several pipeline projects in the works. it would carry oil from the oil field which environmental groups say it's a big step in the wrong direction.
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the rally will involve protestors surrounding the san francisco office of the state department. it's at one market street. everything starts at 1:00 this afternoon and there will be speeches from 2:30 until 3:00. >> happening now, runners are overtaking the financial district for annual celebration. you can see them heading along the embarcadero. this is video from roof cam. the run started at 8:00 and you might run into street closures and rerouted muni lines. it begin at grant and sacramento streets and it winds up back to clay street. it will be followed by a festival celebrating the year of the snake. ♪ on the celebration of lunar new year continues throughout the bay area. the sounds echoed through the
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cultural center yesterday. it was also the site of workshops and other cultural performances. lunar new year begin last sunday and lasts for 15 days. >> much more to come on the abc7 morning news including more fallout from the meteor explosion over russia. the hefty price tag. plus, a road trip for hackers. what a entrepreneurial group i
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>> in a. >> carolyn: new this morning thousands are helping with the recovery efforts in russia from the meteor and we are learning how much it will cost to repair some of the damage. [ screaming ] >> carolyn: the sonic boom and resulting pressure wave blew out windows and collapsed doors. more than a thousand were hurt in friday's explosion. 20,000 emergency personnel are on the scene. officials estimate the explosion caused $33 million in damage. russian academy of sciences believe the meteor weighed about
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ten tons. >> experts are saying there is no connection between the meteor explosion and this fireball spotted streaking across the northern california sky on friday night. someone claimed to have recorded the meteor while driving down interstate 2380. experts say it was a sporadic mete your, into the major event. another meteor landed in the bay area back in october causing a loud sonic boom. >> this could be the road trip of a lifetime for a handful of bay area hackers and designers and sales people. young entrepreneurs will spend three sleepiness nights on a bus trying to start a business as the wheels go round and round. jonathan bloom climbs aboard. ♪ >> it inspired geeks to become rappers. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: a bus where a select group of hackers and artists come up with wild ideas and turn them into real products. a bus that leaves san francisco on march 3rd bound for austin, where investors are waiting. along the way, nobody sleeps. >> it's a very intense experience. >> the conductor of the start-up bus. it started in san francisco three years a ago and now spread to ten cities. >> wouldn't it be easier to hop on an airplane? >> yeah, think it would be a lot easier but it wouldn't be half as much fun. >> reporter: within two hours of boarding they form teams and get to work. they stop along the way to hear experts and do market research. they are on a tight clock. that was last year where her
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team won the grand prize. >> you could select the ingredients and you could see it in in your cereal bowl. >> it's one a growing number. how about designing a product on the open water? >> on a yacht. >> unreasonable on the sea and the start-up bus exists for one reason. >> there is a talent shortage in silicon valley. we need to get programmers wanting to get involved. >> reporter: the start-up bus is half full and taking applications. >> carolyn: how about a weather start-up. lisa argen is here with a preview of the accu-weather forecast. >> this is it. 60s today and then they are gone not coming back. nice and cool right now in san
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jose. 50 degrees and lingering low clouds but those will clear quickly and enjoy the sun today. rain and low snow levels. february is coming back. >> carolyn: you sound so excited and returning to the diamond, championship giants kick off spring training.
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>> carolyn: a u.c. berkeley
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student is featured in a video and building support for a path to citizenship to young immigrants, referred to as the dreamers. education reporter lyanne melendez explains who is behind this campaign. >> he is finishing up a degree in mathematics at u.c. berkeley. >> it wasn't hard to find terence park on the ninth floor of evans hall. we wanted to know why he decided to speak out. >> i could be something to the movement. >> the movement is called the dream is now. it urges congress to pass the dream act which would provide permanent residency to young people like him who has brought to the country by immigrant parent. he was born in south korea. the video released nationwide was directed by david of inconvenient truth and waiting for superman.
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he argues instead of government spending money to deport people, someone like him would pour more money in the economy. >> dreamers will earn $140 billion and if they are going to earn that money they will spend that much. >> if the dream act doesn't pass even with a math degree, he won't be able to find a good paying job. the they say the dream act would encourage more people to cross the border. >> so that everybody had a thought of wanting to come to the united states is hearing the president and both sides of congress say there will be an amnesty. we want the people come here and work. >> in a recent interview, chancellor said universities like u.c. berkeley will continue to help students like terence. >> these are extraordinarily
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talented people. in the current era with all the challenges we can't waste this talent. if you want to see the entire video, visit our website at and click on "see it on tv". >> carolyn: if you have been enjoying above average temperatures, too bad, they are gone. >> not everyone enjoys them. we need snow and rain but it's been an extended period of above normal numbers. still above normal but cooler than yesterday and we're looking at below normal for the holiday weekend. 50s is all we can manage for in much of the week ahead. emeryville with sunny conditions and it's been nice this morning except if you haven't been underneath the low clouds has been, that has been in the south bay. live doppler 7-hd, we're not
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tracking anything. there is the system offshore lingering into wednesday and yet another system by the end of the workweek. here is the shark tank where we have low clouds. 50 degrees there in san jose and further south, santa cruz underneath the clouds at 45. san jose, it's 50 and 53 in oakland and san francisco, 51. bay bridge is nice and sunny and in oakland, really not feeling too bad but later on today, you will feel a change. 51 in fairfield and 46 in los gatos. still a little bit of fog hanging out in parts of the north bay. with the gusty winds and low cloudiness we are much cooler from half moon bay and airport, also santa rosa, 5 degrees cooler. it sets the stage for what is to come today. sunny and cool this morning, but we have the clouds along the central coast and parts of the
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south bay. much cooler tomorrow, as much as ten degrees cooler and highs in the 50s and upper 40s to low 50s for tuesday as a cold weather system from the gulf of alaska heads our way. here is a look at satellite composite. darker shade here, fair weathermaker but here is the front. behind it is the cold air that will move into the bay on tuesday. 5:00 tuesday morning, sonoma county we have the rain not pouring into marin county but look at the low snow levels and by 10:00 we have the north bay wet and about 2:00 in the afternoon, not only the colder rain but mount hamilton could see isolated flakes of snow. snow levels below 2500 feet. back home today we won't be looking at these numbers, 40s in the sierras and 70s in the interior valley.
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back home a nice afternoon but it will be breezy, 56 at half moon bay. 65 in morgan hill and mid-60s to east bay. here is a look at seven-day forecast and we are cooler tomorrow but we'll see increasing clouds. rain comes on tuesday and maybe a quarter to half an inch. drier on wednesday and chance on thursday, a weak system but a cold system. >> carolyn: you said earlier the rain is more of a nuisance than anything else but a little bit helps. >> tuesday will be accumulating rain, the rest of the week not so much. >> let's check out sports. world champs are back together again. san francisco giants are still basking in the after glow of their second championship in three years. can they do it back-to-back seasons? with the majority of the
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team returning, the giants could be contenders again. the quest for back-to-back titles begins. mike shumann reports. >> the world series champion giants are together since winning it all in october and it's like the band is back together. >> you lose touch so it's like a reunion the first day. >> talking trash for this morning. >> definitely, it never stops. >> 21 out of 25 people are back. that has to bode well. >> the chemistry is the most important thing. everybody gets along really well here. very good people and good to have. >> no question, it's a pretty big advantage for them, too. they know me, they know what to expect and vice versa. >> how did it feel to be a world series champion?
9:23 am
>> it was so great and definitely different. conditions around town but everybody was awesome and fun to see everybody and just enjoying the moment. >> quest for back-to-back world series titles begins. >> i am looking forward to what the team can do. there is major keys in the middle of the season with hunter and it will be need to see what we can do. shu turns his attention to the champion oakland a's and live from phoenix at 5:00 and 6:00. college hoops, hill top decided home courted advantage against gonzaga. dons against the bulldogs. student body prepared for another court rush, not to be this year, kid. usf kept it tight. he had 14. dickerson rebounder knocked down
9:24 am
three and he had three of them. team high at 15. over ten minutes to play. fifth ranked bulldogs, too much power. 17 for him and kelly breakaway, 7 footer, game high of 26. 71-61, gonzaga. >> st. mary's in and a bounce back game. the gales fell at home on thursday. one bucket finished with a point. lions hitting the three but st. mary's in command throughout. jordan paige, 22 and 1. gales a winner. ucla in a bad mood. dwight powell had 22 for stanford. shabod fouls on the 3 and it
9:25 am
goes. stanford has dropped three of their last four. semifinal action, pavilion on saturday, facing tommy haas. too many enforced errors. haas a winner 6-3, 6-4 and he will meet his on opponent in the final. vick for just in the three-point contest and terrance ross in the n.b.a. all stars in saturday night in houston. >> carolyn: local fishermen have donated two giant octopuses to the aquarium. one was caught in a crab trap. the other sn half moon bay. they have a taste for doing
9:26 am
necessary crab and often pulled up in crabbers' nets. they ask fishermen to donate their unexpected catches and it comes in time for the aquarium for their octopalooza. >> and there is much more ahead. one airline faces after he allegedly slapped a crying baby on a plane. and a controversial rally in support of l.a. cop killer christopher dorner's message. what this group is calling for. plus, speeding up the selection of a new pope. how soon the
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>> carolyn: this morning an idaho man faces a federal charge after accusations he used a
9:29 am
racial slur and slapped a baby on an airplane. it happened from minneapolis to atlanta. 19-month-old joanna and his mom were sitting next to this man. he reeked of alcohol and continue to drink during the flight as the plane was about to land, court documents say he used a racial slur about the child as he told the boy's mother to shut him up. >> could not believe he would say something like that to a baby or about a baby and then to hit him, i thought i was in another world. >> she says other passengers came to her aide. she was able to move to another seat. both appearance say they hope he is convicted and punished. >> an aircraft company bidding to make an $82 million facility
9:30 am
is appealing it's disqualification. airport officials and city leaders prefer google's plan for the 29 acre complex that includes five new hangars. new facility would be built on a parking lot on the west side of the airport. our media partner says atlantic aviation is appealing its disqualification claiming the airport would get more revenue under it's a proposal and must be selected. and also new this morning, on popular event that draws hundreds of thousands to san francisco every year could be on the chopping block if congress and president can't prevent automatic spending cuts from taking effect. blue angels could be grounded if the budget sequestration isn't resolved by the march 1st deadline. that could be the end of san francisco's fleet week
9:31 am
celebration. they report the parade of ships could also be in jeopardy. fleet week organizers say that without those two centerpieces, fleet week may not happen. it draws about a million people to san francisco every year. >> in los angeles, a controversial rally was held this weekend in support of christopher dorner. he died last week possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he is suspected of killing four people after issuing a manifesto saying he was wrongly fired from the lapd. protestors are not agreeing with dorner's action but they do feel more answer should be focused on the police force itself and on the process that led to dorner's dismissal. >> the family of olympic runner oscar pistorius say he is overcome with grief after fatally shooting his girlfriend. he is charged with the
9:32 am
premeditated murder of reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. these are scenes that debuted last night in south africa. family talked to the media. >> as you can imagine he is also numb with shock and grief. >> carolyn: attorneys for pistorius are expected to argue he fired at her because she thought she was intruder. prosecutors say the two argued but she locked herself in a bathroom where she was shot four times through the door. her funeral is scheduled for tuesday. >> later today a sad chapter in american history will be commemorated. tuesday marks the 75th anniversary of the internment of japanese-americans during world war ii. an event will be held in san francisco's japantown marking the occasion. the annual event will feature words and memories from
9:33 am
internment camp survivors. it begins at 2:00 this afternoon. organizers have dedicated this year's commemoration to hawaii's late senator. >> catholics could have a pope sooner than expected. this is video into the newsroom showing pope benedict and the tens of thousands who gathered this morning at st. peter's square. it's one of the last before he steps down. the vatican says the meeting of senior church officials to select a new pope, a process known as conclave, may begin sooner than expected. church rules says a conclave must begin 15-20 days after the seat becomes vacant but there is no need to mourn because pope benedict decided to resign. speeding up the process could give the church a new pope in time for holly week the week before easter. >> this morning there are new
9:34 am
concerns and new questions in the south bay as the president of the santa clara county's board of supervisors already under fire is accused of even moregreej ousz acts. -- egregious acts. >> supervisor is already accused of misusing a county used credit card. they suggest that he frequented casinos and may have accumulated gambling debts. they filed for bankrupt in 2011 and owed to the irs $195,000. he also failed to report campaign contributions and last month, his fellow supervisors ordered he would pay more than $29,000 in unauthorized charitable donations. >> what is surprising here, the problems and errors, omissions
9:35 am
and transgressions. >> the district attorney's office is investigating him aggressively and wants to know more about, quote, questionable charges involving taxpayer dollars. >> this isn't something that is happening with each and every official. >> a former supervisor has known him for more than two decades. she is worried the needs of district two aren't being met. >> i'm sorry that the affairs of district and of the town are apparently not being taken care of by the current incumbent. >> meantime, people that live in the district want him to step down. >> do you want him to be your supervisor? >> no, we need a new one. >> i don't care who you are, it could be my sister, i don't care. if you did wrong, you did wrong. >> he was re-elected last year.
9:36 am
>> carolyn: still ahead, showing skill and determination on necessity for any job interview but what about how you dress? we'll introduce you to a group that help job seekers. and live look from vollmer peak camera, cooler weather today and tomorrow with a little bit of rain headed our way. our meteorologist lisa argen will have your
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>> carolyn: welcome back everyone, it is 9:40 on this
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sunday morning, thanks for spending part of your day with us. this is a live look from our tahoe cam. it is currently 32 degrees, colder than yesterday. high today around 46 degrees. lisa argen will be around shortly with a full accu-weather forecast. there are at least three things you need to find a job in this tough economy, focus, determination and the right clothes. for more than 17 years, an east bay organization has been helping low income job seekers to find interview clothing at no cost. eric thomas learned all about the group at an abc7 community meeting in concord. here is his report. >> what we're going to do, start with shoes and socks. >> robert is starting at the bottom as he tries on the outfit he hopes will land him a job. he is unemployed and was briefly homeless. >> i wanted to be an entrepreneur and love to own my
9:40 am
own company. >> before he becomes that, he has to find a suit and tie that will send a message to a potential employer. that is what oakland based wardrobe for opportunity comes in. to help men and women and be matched up with the right clothing for a job search. >> coach you on how to tie the tie, how to wear the right clothing. if you are going to certain events, they will explain why you want to wear these colors. they don't just dress you here. >> we want in partnership with the community to help people to find a job, keep a job and build a career. >> candidates are recommended by other organizations that help the poor. 80% of the clients are single parents. more than 70% get some sort of government assistance. wardrobe for opportunity helped nearly 2,000 people last year. women's outfits come from local
9:41 am
women and many of the suits are donated by men's warehouse. >> i feel more confident and comfortable. >> and it's working, more than half the clients will get a job interview within a month and a half and 50% will be hired. but they need your help to reach more people. go to our website at >> carolyn: our next meeting is scheduled for april in san francisco's mission district. and we always get great story ideas. if you want to know about weather, lisa is right here. >> things are changing and fog and very gusty winds and that is going to make way for a cooler afternoon, nice and bright and sunny. it will cooler today and big time cooling tomorrow. back to february the rest of the
9:42 am
week. >> carolyn: and a california lawmaker moves to silence. ♪
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>> carolyn: welcome back. it is 9:46. thanks for waking up this morning for your viewing pleasure we show you a shot from emeryville cam looking towards the city. emeryville itself, it's going to be right now and sunny and 48
9:45 am
heading towards the 60s. lisa argen will be along to talk more about that and our cooling trend that is on the way. there is an attack on at the state capital a bill that would ban hands free texting while you drive. that may seem odd because the legislation doesn't go after hands free calling, but as nannette miranda reports, opponents say there a difference. >> the law says i am allowed to dictate so i dictated. >> he is among the thousands of drivers who text hands free while driving. >> i really like this photo.... >> with traffic jams, hands free texting while driving became legal last year. >> it's 21st century, it's about efficiency and it's a great way to communicate when i'm in my car. >> but a lawmaker wants to be
9:46 am
hands free texting illegal. >> the average time for being distracted is 4.6 seconds and 55 miles an hour that is almost a football field you are not paying attention. >> a new study shows hands free texting is just as dangerous as traditional texting. >> researchers found voice controlled texting required higher mental demands and longer glances away from the road. assemblyman reports numbers from the safety commission, nearly 1,000 deaths and 21,000 injuries a year involving cellphone use. critics wonder if it opens the door to more restrictions. >> you ban one thing next step will be banning hands free talking. >> they say no. he is just trying to make roads
9:47 am
safer after having lost a daughter to a crash. >> i don't want anybody have to go through what i did. >> they say it's more nanny government. >> i think you can multi-task in the car and still be a safe driver. >> the bill should get its first hearing this spring. >> carolyn: in placer county a tournament is under way straight out of harry potter. being played on the fields in roseville. they are competing for the western cup championship. game is played by college teams and feature seekers and beaters and of course the golden cup. they know all about the harry potter world. >> that is kind of neat. we are looking at another nice
9:48 am
day but beginning to cool down and getting back to reality in fact, today will be the last day where we can enjoy temperatures above average. live look outside from mount tam. a little bit of haze but high pressure still in control. live doppler 7-hd, very quiet. that will be changing and most significant system to visit will come the early part of the week, tuesday when most folks go back to work. right now it is clear out there with a little bit of stubborn fog around the shark tank. much of the south bay and central coast has been cool with numbers and around 50 degrees. 52 right now. mid 40s in the north bay. 51 in san francisco and oakland, 43 and novato pretty cool. bay bridge, we do have sunny conditions around the east bay. it should be another nice afternoon when f you want to enjoy the outdoors. 43 in santa rosa. you were down to 33 this morning.
9:49 am
still with the low clouds and fog. it's cooler in these areas in the north bay from novato to santa rosa. we did have fog earlier and these gusty offshore winds, they are offshore but off the coast. that is the key component that will transport the cooler ocean air all the way to the east bay today. then the cooler air mass arrives compliment of a cold front on tuesday morning. sunny and cool and much cooler for presidents' day. we are talking 8-10 degrees cooler today. highs in the 50s and showers arrive on tuesday. so radar and satellite composite it's been dry and high pressure is still in command off the coast here, but not for long. here is the front. the front is not impressive in itself but it will usher in the cooler air. so 7:00, still well into the north bay. hopefully not causing too many problems with the morning commute. bulk of the rain heads our way mid-morning through the early morning and snow levels,
9:50 am
anywhere from 2500 feet to 2,000 feet. scattered showers on tuesday. wet wednesday, still looking at chances of showers in the early morning hours. then before it's all said and done, in the north bay, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch. rest of the bay area, maybe a tenth to a quarter of an inch. we've got that system on the way bringing sierra snow, 49 in the northern sierra as we head back home, we're talking about low to mid-60s in the south bay. mid and upper 50s at the coast. breezy there and look for mid and upper 50s for tomorrow more the highs and a little rain on tuesday, a break on wednesday, the rest of the week we have shower chances but not looking too promising but the cold air looks like it will stick around. >> carolyn: are you attending an oscar party this year? >> no, not yet. >> carolyn: we get it into a big
9:51 am
time. >> you are having one, you better invite me. >> carolyn: i'm not having one, but you can start the countdown now, the oscars are week away. abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars next sunday february 24th. counted down to the big night with the -- the countdown to the big night with an app. >> people deal with various eye problems. we have a number of experts talking about this on "beyond the headlines." doctor the doctor is researcher coming up with tools like this talking pen which helps blind science students learn the periodic table. >> i use the pen to tap on the hydrogen cell of the periodic table, first it will tell me.
9:52 am
>> hydrogen symbol, atomic number 1. >> carolyn: and we've got more today right after our newscast on "beyond the headlines" with cheryl jennings at 10:00 a.m. still ahead, a check on the winning super lotto numbers and record-breaking yacht voyage ends here in the bay area. incredible feat
9:53 am
9:54 am
check out the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. mega number is 20. as often happens on a saturday night, no one got all six numbers so the jackpot grows to $26 million for wednesday's drawing. >> an east bay man suffered only minor cuts after losing control of his brand-new motorcycle and slamming into a house. it happened in antioch yesterday
9:55 am
evening. man was on his driveway doing some sort of maneuver with the bike when he lost control. the harley-davidson smarnd into at wall of a neighbor's house and then into a garage. >> a racing yacht named after the world's fast-e cars has ended a record sail. 8 member crew led by 47-year-old skipper set sail on new year's eve. it easily beat the 57-day record for a single hulled sailing record set back in 1998. after beginning the epic voyage in new york, it sailed around cape horn and ending at the golden gate bridge. that is total of 13,225 miles. congratulations to the skipper and the crew. let's get a final check of our
9:56 am
accu-weather forecast with lisa. >> if you like this weather, enjoy today. this is it. temperatures are going to be coming down in the next several days. in fact today, mid and upper 50s at the coast. breezy and low to mid-60s around the bay and look ahead, 50s tomorrow and cold rain anywhere from tenth to half an inch of rain on tuesday. then this lingering showers and continuing cooler than average air right through next weekend. thank you. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with meteorologist lisa argen. "abc 7 news" continues at 5:00 p.m. you asked for it and now the exclusive alarm clock app is available for android or tablet, kindle fire. you can download it now for free you can download it now for free from the amazon [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank.
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♪ >> cheryl: i'm cheryl jennings. our babyboomers vision loss according to a poll released americans worried about vision loss more than they fear cancer, hivaid, heart disease and other problems. chronic dry eye is one of the most common ailments of vision impairment. carolyn johnson looked at new technology. >> on a bad day, driving can be a challenge for helen. >> it's seeing clearly and you see a glare. >> her normal vision is fine but the blurriness comes as a condition called dry eye. she is forced to athlete it with drops and compresses throughout the day. >> whether you get up in the morning, eyes are

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 12, Oakland 5, Citibank 4, Carolyn 3, Marin 3, San Jose 3, Emeryville 3, Kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk 2, Terence 2, Benedict 2, Lisa Argen 2, Rosa 2, Cheryl Jennings 2, Christopher Dorner 2, U.c. Berkeley 2, Novato 2, Gonzaga 2, St. 2, Us 2, Russia 2
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